Sports Funding


From 2013 the government has provided schools with a sum of money to develop sport. 

We receive £8170 of sports funding.  We aim to achieve the following:

  • Up-skilling of our staff
  • Increase Participation in sporting activities and in particular competitive sports
  • Encourage a love of sport amongst our children
  • Increase the chances of children taking part in sport beyond their time in school


    • Up-skilling our staff:

Our Key Stage One Teaching Assistant works alongside a qualified coach twice a week, benefitting from his specialist knowledge.  Sessions are jointly planned and delivered by them.  All Key Stage One children have two sports sessions a week.  Reception pupils receive one session a week.

  • Increasing Participation:

All children have two sports sessions a week.  In addition, we have a range of sports clubs after school, which are currently free to the children.

Monday                                                                Sports Club

Tuesday                                                               Street Dance

Thursday                                                              Archery


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