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Sports Funding

The government provides schools with additional ring-fenced money to promote sport.  At Leamington Hastings we have carefully considered how to spend the money.  We have three main aims which we are hoping to achieve:

  1. Increasing our staff’s skill levels at teaching sport
  2. Increase participation in sporting activities including competitive sports
  3. Encourage a love of sport amongst our children

This year we have been allocated £16,920.


  1. Increasing our staff’s skill levels at teaching sport

We work alongside Educ8 sports who provide us with a specialist coach.  Our teachers work alongside him during sports sessions allowing them to benefit and learn from his skills.  Our membership of the local School Sports Partnership gives our staff access to a range of professional development opportunities. 

Sports coach to work alongside staff and develop their skills


School Sports Partnership (50% of 1 term membership)


Success Criteria: 

By July 2018, all teachers when surveyed report an improvement in their skill levels across a range of sports.


  1. Increase participation in sporting activities including competitive sports

In partnership with Educ8 we offer two after school sports clubs at a subsidised rate to parents.  Through our membership of local School Sports Partnership we are able to participate in a number of competitive sporting events against other schools.  We also run a competitive sports day and enter other sporting events.

Planned Expenditure:

Sports kit


Gym mats


Travelling to and from competition


Cover to allow staff to take pupils to sporting events


Medals for sports day


2 after school clubs each week free to all children.  These focus on general sports


1 after school dance class


Playground markings


 Success criteria:  

  • By July 2018 all children to participate in at least one competitive sports competition.
  • By July 2018 all of the children in year 2 to have represented the school in a competitive event against another school
  1. Encourage a love of sport amongst our children

We want our children to enjoy sport as this increases the chance of them having a healthy, active lifestyle.  We have used the Sports Funding to take the children on an inspirational trip to the Olympic Stadium in London to watch the World Para Athletic Championships.  We are also aware from both anecdotal experience and research, that young children are not getting the same opportunities to develop their core strength as the used to.  This is having an impact on their ability to participate successfully in and enjoy sport.  We are working on an innovative research project with the Centre for Use of Research and Evidence in Education (CUREE) to identify best practice in this area and improve our own provision.

Trip to sporting event


Core strength research project


Success Criteria:

  • Before and after surveys to show that pupils enthusiasm for sport has grown
  • By December 2018 teachers will report improvements to children’s core strength (measurable success criteria to be identified during the research project)


Impact of Sports Funding 2017-18

  1. Use specialist coach to develop staff skills


Criteria partially met: Staff feeling more confident, but in a limited range of sporting activities.


Next steps: Increase the range of sports.


  1. Increase participation in competitive sports


Criteria met: All children have been involved in competitive sport.


Next steps: Increase chances to compete against other schools.


  1. Encourage a love of sport amongst our children


Criteria met: Girls are no long under-represented in after-school sports


Next steps: Address issues some children face due to poor core strength

                   Are boys now underrepresented in sports club?   







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